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Men's High Bar Reisport Gymnastics Grips

Men's High Bar Reisport Gymnastics Grips

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We are thrilled to carry Mens Reisport High Bar Grips.

  • Help a gymnast get a better grip on the bar which leads to better control
  • Protects the hands from blistering and tearing
  • Constructed with three finger holes and a small rubber dowel
  • Grips come with velcro or buckle wristlocks for comfortable, individual adjustment

Size Chart:

Men/Boy Hand Measurement for High Bar Grips

Quick Tips:

Before using your grips for the first time, take them to your gym coach in the factory bag and have the coach verify your size. If the grips are damaged, dirtied, or altered in any way, we cannot accept a return or exchange.

Once your coach has confirmed you have the correct size, have your coach demonstrate the appropriate method to wrap your wrist and hands into the grips. It is highly recommended to have either wristbands or plenty of athletic tape on your wrists before using any grips. An extreme amount of pressure (body weight X gravity X centrifugal force) is put on these grips and a large portion of that pressure is distributed to your wrists. Wearing a buffer, like cotton wristbands and/or tape, will save your skin from being rubbed raw by the friction of the leather and straps/buckles.

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